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Using a Taxi Services This Spring? Read Our Essential Safety Tips

Taking a cab is often the easiest way to travel during the summer, whether you are going to the airport, to work or are planning a day trip with the family. Here are some ways to ensure your journey is event-free, enjoyable and safe.

Plan ahead

Summertime can be especially busy for taxis, thanks to extra tourists, airport runs and the sunshine encouraging more people to come out to play. So planning ahead will cut down on any frustrations. Book your taxis in advance, so that you know when it will arrive, and where. Make sure you choose a vehicle that is large enough to take your party and any luggage comfortably. You may also be able to agree on a fixed price on booking, especially for airport runs, or trips to other well known, or regularly booked destinations.

Keep healthy on the road

Always carry a bottle of water with you on hotter days, in case you feel dehydrated or faint. A small snack is also a good idea, in case you become delayed and are unable to stop for food at your normal lunch or break times. A brimmed hat and fan will also help keep the sun off you and the heat at bay, both of which can cause sunstroke if temperatures become too hot, or if the sun streams in, directly at you through the window. Carry your phone to call for medical help or to contact other members of your party if required.

Be flexible

People can slow down in the summer heat, so be prepared for the journey to take a little longer, or for there to be delays on the way. Schedule in extra time for disruptions and take a book with you to keep yourself entertained if things go awry and you need to wait for any reason. Tourist crowds may also result in queues and even in places, you had planned to visit being shut to new visitors. Check online, or consult your guidebook for alternative things to see and do in the area.

Happy talk

Chat with your driver as you go along, as he or she may have valuable local knowledge that will enhance your day. Or they may know shortcuts that will stand you in good stead for future journeys. If the taxi is hot and you feel bothered by the temperatures, don’t forget that the driver will be feeling just as uncomfortable and keep the windows down and the mood pleasant. If you don’t feel like talking, then, of course, you don’t have to, but remember that your driver is only human and is doing their best to get you to your destination in good time.

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