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 Minicab Service near Victoria station:

Minicabs London is your first-choice local minicab provider, located just over 18 minutes driving distance from Victoria station giving you the best prices in town.

We believe in excellent value for the price to all our clients. Most of our customers rate us as a Friendly, Fast and Reliable Minicab company Victoria station.


Facts about Victoria Station:

  • During World War 1 the Victoria train station was used to carry soldiers to France and back
  • During 1884 the Victorian train station’s cloakroom was blown up using a bomb made from dynamite, an alarm clock and a pistol.
  • Victoria station is in the travel card zone 1
  • It is the second busiest station in London
  • Over 81 million passengers made their through Victoria station during 2015/2016
  • The station is named after Queen Victoria 1819 – 1901


Top 5 must-see attractions near Victoria Station:

  • The Apollo Vitoria theatre is just a stone’s throw away from the station
  • Buckingham Palace
  • St James Theatre
  • Westminster Abbey
  • West Minister cathedral

These are must go to places to visit while in Victoria


Why should you use Minicabs London near Victoria station?

We are your local highly trusted minicab service

  1. We offer Door To Door service 24/7
  2. We know the local area better than any local minicab service. If you are a visitor, we can show you around at much lower rates and in fun way
  3. We can help you find the nearest tourist places, restaurants, children fun places and many more.
  4. We charge standard prices to local or tourists
  5. Airport transfer with fixed rates – We cover all London Airports

At Minicabs London we offer full peace of mind, lower rate, professional and reliable service to all our customers. Call us now 0203 002 9190 to book your next local or airport transfer taxi service.

London Minicab services include:

Door to door service – Our Minicab services in Bayswater include:
Need help to visit places or find a restaurant in London we can help. – There are plenty of great places to visit on Bayswater and we would love to get you to them.

Standard Charges for tourists or local passengers – Don’ get ripped off just because you’re a tourist, get great prices no matter who you are.

Airport transfer with fixed rate – Our fixed rate transfers include a free meet and greet service at the airport that will be both personalised and timely.


Book Minicabs London to take you to your destination when you are ready to come home. Whether you are a tourist, business visitor or local, London Minicabs offers some of the best rates and customer service toVictoria Station!

On the whole, our minicab service comes with full peace of mind, low fare and good care of our customers. Call us now on 0203 002 9190 to book your local or airport transfer minicab service

Please note: all of the great services delivered by our minicabs aren’t just for tourists, but they are for locals too. To take advantage of our brilliant prices, you can dial 0203 002 9190 -we’re just a phone call away! No matter who you are, or where you need to go, you should book with the best London minicab service in town- London Minicabs!

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